The quick and dirty guide to transformative technologies: 3 Software as a Service applications for immediate implementation

If you read our previous article then we know that you are hyped about the SaaS apps we presented. Perhaps you’ve even begun taking steps to implement them in your own business! However, more lies in store – in this article we will outline three more exciting SaaS apps which are transforming the business landscape: Amazon web services, Concur and Zendesk.  

5. Amazon web services

It doesn’t come as any great surprise that Jeff Bezos is expanding Amazon into the SaaS business, just as he has integrated SaaS and IoT enabled tools into his own operations, does it? Amazon may have started out as an e-commerce platform but it now provides a variety of cloud based applications on a pay as you go pricing model. At the moment, Amazon Web Services offers over 70 services ranging from analytics, deployment, computing, networking, storage and specific IoT enabled tools.

6. Concur

In spite of all the advances made in online teleconferencing, shared documents and other online collaboration platforms such as Box, the fact as the matter is that sometimes there is no substitute to face to face meetings. And that, of course, means business travel – which can be a real pain in the neck for both the travelling employees and their respective finance departments. What Concur aims to accomplish is to make the process less painful by automating as much as possible of the expenses management, travel plan and hotel and plane reservation aspects of the business trip. The application is mobile based, enabling the travelling employees to plan his travel according to his own preferences and requirements within the firm’s spending parameters. Concur furthermore confirms expenses following the business trip, delivering all the relevant receipts directly to its digital expense reports. So no more folders stuffed with easy to misplace paper receipts!

7. Zendesk

Customer requests, especially when they arrive via multiple channels (email, social media such as Facebook, phone calls, chats or company website) can often flood the desk of even the most dedicated and conscientious worker. What Zendesk does is bring order to the chaos. It doesn’t matter what channel the clients bombard your loyal employees with – the zendesk integrates all requests into a single channel. More than that, it includes features such as Automatic Answers (ML empowered application to automatically answer most standard customer requests without human involvement), Zendesk Voice (phone support cloud based application) and Zopim (chat application). Zendesk claims that its users have reported positive experiences for over 86 percent of their customer- application interactions. Will this SaaS tool prove to be beneficial for your business as well? Why not give it a ride and find out? With pay-as-you-go options and supplier responsibility for installation, maintenance and security testing out this application is a low-cost, low-risk proposition.

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