Transformative technologies: The quick and dirty guide to immediate applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in your business: Smart lighting/ HVAC and personalized voice assistants

HVAC 'air men' keep it cool

In our previous article we introduced smart locks – a transformative technology generated by the Internet of things (IoT) that seems set to revolutionize how businesses handle security and helping to level the playing field small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) compete on with large, established businesses enjoying a greater surplus of manpower. In this article we will continue to wow you with additional IoT inspired transformative technologies which your business can adopt immediately, at minimal cost, while boosting productivity and product experience. Are you ready? Well, brace yourselves for:  2. Smart lighting and HVAC You know, it is only 50 years ago or so that air conditioning your store was considered to be a superfluous luxury. A century ago, even electric lights were viewed with askance. But today, you can’t really expect anyone to set foot in a dim, stultifying establishment. And guess what? It won’t be too long…

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Transformative technologies: The quick and dirty guide to immediate applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in your business: Smart Locks

In our previous article we focused on how the emergence of the IoT seems set to transform our individual lives. The examples we provided can be adapted by individuals to become more productive, and they offer examples for manufacturers of product design that foresees future developments. But how about some immediate applications that any business can adopt to streamline its operations? Especially small and medium size businesses (SMBs)? The good news is that the commercial benefits from the IoT are just as accessible to SMBs as they are to monolithic established enterprises.  Gartner’s 2017 IoT Survey suggested that implementing IoT technology within businesses can optimize such internal operation aspects as worker productivity, tracking and control, and business procedures. IoT can in addition enable businesses to add new revenue streams, offer post-sale value added services, and personally customize marketing and sales. Sound like something your business can benefit from? Still sound a…

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Transformative technologies: The Internet of Things (IoT)

You’ve probably heard and read about the concept known as the “Internet of things” (IoT), whether in your boardroom, at the office watercooler, or in a dinner table conversation. It would be unusual if you haven’t, since it is an increasingly hot topic of conversation. But what exactly is the internet of things? How is this technology going to transform our lives? And how can small and medium businesses use it to transform their operations? The salient fact underlying the feasibility of the internet of things is that broadband internet has steadily become cheaper and more available over the past two decades. More and more devices with embedded wi-fi capabilities are being manufactured, smartphones have become ubiquitous and the tech costs have plummeted. So a critical mass is being created in which the IoT, once a pipe dream, have crossed the event horizon into realizability. So… what exactly is the…

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Are you ready for the future?

What service or product do you provide? Education? Food? Hardware? Books? Latte coffee done just right? Personal pampering massages? Well, it doesn’t really matter – one way or another, even if you don’t know it, you are in the technology business – or at least you are if you want to stay in business. Are you a startup? A growing company? A well-established market leader? Again, it doesn’t matter – you still need to keep your eye on the ball and avoid falling behind the competition, and that means being aware and up to date of the current technological trends. If you are taking a “wait and see” attitude, as so many business owners do, then that’s understandable. After all, running a business is a high tension, high uncertainty activity. you don’t want to take too many risks and you don’t have too much time or energy to spare on…

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Transformative Software Tools that help Businesses Grow


To grow your business (without going nuts), you need tools and software to support you as you scale. Otherwise, as things expand, everything from planning inventory and managing employees to just doing the books becomes way too unwieldy. Is your business stuck? Here are a few software tools that can help turn it around. The software tools you use when your business is starting out often grow on you. They become a comfortable part of the feel of your business – sometimes too comfortable. The thing is, those familiar tools simply may not be suited to a larger scaled business. Distribution, inventory management,  bookkeeping, human resources management – they all just  become way too cumbersome to manage with the old and familiar tools. The problem is, hunting down the right kind of tool for your business can be quite difficult. Fortunately, the Square App Marketplace can offer you a wide…

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