Transformative technologies: The quick and dirty guide to immediate applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in your business: Smart lighting/ HVAC and personalized voice assistants

HVAC 'air men' keep it cool

In our previous article we introduced smart locks – a transformative technology generated by the Internet of things (IoT) that seems set to revolutionize how businesses handle security and helping to level the playing field small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) compete on with large, established businesses enjoying a greater surplus of manpower. In this article we will continue to wow you with additional IoT inspired transformative technologies which your business can adopt immediately, at minimal cost, while boosting productivity and product experience. Are you ready? Well, brace yourselves for:  2. Smart lighting and HVAC You know, it is only 50 years ago or so that air conditioning your store was considered to be a superfluous luxury. A century ago, even electric lights were viewed with askance. But today, you can’t really expect anyone to set foot in a dim, stultifying establishment. And guess what? It won’t be too long…

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