Transformative technologies: The quick and dirty guide to immediate applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in your business: Supply chain loggers and barcodes


In our previous article we discussed smart lighting– transformative technologies enabled by the Internet of things (IoT) that can save small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) a lot of money immediately. We also reviewed the underrealized potential of empowered voice assistants to direct and control other IoT devices and intermesh with calendars and task management apps, thereby helping SMB owners focus on the strategic decision making their business needs to prosper. In this article we will continue to reveal you with IoT inspired transformative technologies which your business can adopt immediately, at minimal cost, while boosting productivity and product experience. Are you ready? Well, brace yourselves for:  4. Supply chain loggers. This is one area where IoT enabled devices offer SMBs (as well as larger, established institutes), an intuitive opportunity to cut down on costs and boost efficiency. To note just a single potential application, it is possible to use…

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