Transformative Software Tools that help Businesses Grow

To grow your business (without going nuts), you need tools and software to support you as you scale. Otherwise, as things expand, everything from planning inventory and managing employees to just doing the books becomes way too unwieldy.

Is your business stuck? Here are a few software tools that can help turn it around.

The software tools you use when your business is starting out often grow on you. They become a comfortable part of the feel of your business – sometimes too comfortable. The thing is, those familiar tools simply may not be suited to a larger scaled business. Distribution, inventory management,  bookkeeping, human resources management – they all just  become way too cumbersome to manage with the old and familiar tools.

The problem is, hunting down the right kind of tool for your business can be quite difficult. Fortunately, the Square App Marketplace can offer you a wide variety of apps that will help you expand and adapt your business to a changing marketplace.

Are you ready to take the first step? Then check out these killer software tools:

Mobile payments software tools

Is your point of sale (POS) in the 21st century yet? If not, then you need to get with the program – mobile payment apps are the preferred method of payment for millennials, and they form a growing segment of consumers. On the same note, chip cards have become ubiquitous and if a customer discovers that he or she cannot use these devices to do business with you then they won’t. Won’t do business with you, that is. Moreover, word will spread that your business is not keeping up with technological advances – with all the implications that such a reputation entails. But appearances aside, the best way to streamline your operations is to integrate mobile payments into your point of sale. They are not merely faster and more convenient for customers – they are also more secure.

So what device should you integrate into your POS best integrate these payment methods?

One factor you should consider is whether the POS offers information storage capability on your customers, so that you can track their purchase habits and preferences, enabling you to tailor your personalized marketing (see below) and presentation strategies. One excellent option is the Square Reader for contactless and chip. It provides this capability as well as a superior POS service experience, which will help ensure repeat customers.

Personalized Email marketing tools

Talking about personalized marketing, email marketing software offers a perfect solution which can enable you to target specific segments, or even individuals, in your customer base. An automatic email software program such as Square Email Marketing can follow the purchase history of your customers, and categorize them into loyal, regular and lapsed customers. That, and tracking their personalized purchase choices, enables you to target them with pinpoint accuracy with the tight message at the right time.

Personal information collection and automated messages can also help maintain a personal touch via, for example, happy birthday offers.

Inventory management tools
An important need in retail inventory management is providing your customers with a fully integrated purchasing experience in each and every sale channel.

The Square App Marketplace can offer you a wide selection of technological solutions that streamline omnichannel inventory management, remove human error and improve your customer experience.

These tools can massively improve product listing management while reducing man hours and overhead, for both traditional brick-and-mortar stores and online.

Customer loyalty software

Getting walk-in customers may be the hardest step but getting them to come back is very nearly as difficult. Loyalty programs such as Square Loyalty are one of the easiest ways to accomplish this, particularly for the ever fickle millennials. A large majority of millennials highly prioritize benefits and rewards and have stated that they would be prepared to change shopping venues to secure better perks.

Human resources management tools

When it was just you, Ted and Shirley managing your brick and mortar store back in the 90s you could get by with an excel spreadsheet.  But now you are managing a whole slew of stores and employees, online and offline, and that simply won’t do. You need to determine shifts, sign off on pay slips, teach the new kids the ropes (or supervise others who do the training), mentor and nurture prospective management materials employees and keep the old workhorses motivated when their tasks become routine.

Human resource management software tools can help you do that without losing your mind. The Square App Marketplace offers several such tools that can help you optimize schedules and shifts, maintain lines of communication with your staff, track projects and goals, and approve payments.

Bookkeeping tools

Do you begin feeling the onset of a migraine whenever it comes time to go through the books? Well, you’re not alone, and that is exactly why there are so many applications in the Square App Marketplace that you can utilize to streamline this distasteful chore – everything from sales tax to bills can now be managed with a click of a key.

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