Software as a service: technical issues

technical issues

The software as a service model is transforming the way companies, particularly SMBs do business. In our previous article we have reviewed data security and data ownership issues you need to take into account before adopting the SaaS model for your own business, but there are also technical considerations you must take into account. These are detailed below: The bandwidth glass ceiling The number one technical limitation of SaaS is that it relies on broadband and reliable internet connection. You are the best judge of whether your business has the internet connection required to keep your systems running 24-7. That said, no system, including on-site systems, is one hundred percent impervious to downtime. To overcome the particular vulnerability of the SaaS model, some SaaS vendors have integrated “offline” redundancies that enable your employees to keep on working even should the internet collapse. Once the system goes online, the data is…

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Automated marketing and sales technologies that will transform your business

Automated marketing

Running a business isn’t easy, especially with all the new technologies and techniques the competition is using. You need to master the art and skill of lead generation and nurturing, paid advertising, email marketing, sales funnel, as well as wrap your mind around the esoteries of the internet of things and software of a service. But there are only 24 hours a day and as a new business owner you need to spend at least two of them catching a nap, right? The good news is that with marketing automation software you can eliminate much of the drudge work, cut down on marketing costs and massively improve your lead generation and lead nurturing outcome. That is the trend of the business world – by 2013 79% of marketers were making use of some sort of marketing automation software to help manage their clients and leads. You may think that that…

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The SaaS Business Model

Saas or Software as a service is widely popular due to the number of Software hosted on a cloud infrastructure (i.e., accessible via web browser) which provide enormous business outcomes to get success.  Saas product is worthwhile as it is made with secured codes, excellent user interface and easily accessible. Meanwhile, Saas is hosted in the cloud, and that is the prime difference between the Saas business and software companies. Here are some of the factors that make Saas as a distinctive business model; Recurring payments In Saas, a user can access the Software through a browser rather than purchasing separate hardware. Saas engage in uplifting your business goals with accounting and managing revenue until you’ve earned it. With the recurring payment; know your MRR or take monthly revenue. Customer Retention Customer retention is the dream of every business, and SaaS make your dream true. Use the SaaS business model…

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Application of SaaS

SaaS (software as a service) is a means of giving computer platforms via the internet as a facility. Despite sustaining and installing a program, you can also easily arrive at it with the help of the internet. SaaS applications are sometimes called on-demand software. The supplier maintains an approach to the services involving functionality, security, and presence. In the current days, time is precious. Every company tries its best to use their time effectively, SaaS support you fully. Application of SaaS has much to provide, it aids you to protect your time, prices, and many man resources. Here a few of them are discussing below: Applications of SaaS It is a popular service of the application of SaaS. Which have cloud computing software interaction with the customer for your business. It helps to gather all the information from the customer. It is an online platform where prepares many approved…

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All about (SaaS) Software as a Service

 Know the Basics If your aim is efficiency and productivity, explore what SaaS can do for your organization. In this, there are proper software vendors who manage the entire system and you only need to pay. Below are some important points. 5 Things You Need to Know About SaaS No Headache If you are looking to rid yourself from getting into the headache of installing software and dealing with complex hardware, SaaS is just the thing for you. Unlike traditional software, there is no headache of keeping hardware or even maintaining a technical team. So, you can cut down on costs and improve the rate of investment in your business. Scalability Unlike traditional software, it is scalable. You can pay for only what you need and use. No Hidden Charges Best of all, there are no hidden charges. Moreover, you get everything in the package you buy. Yes, even the…

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How to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for your business

Amazon continues to prove itself as the one stop shop for all things tech. Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives users on-demand cloud computing on a pay-as-you-go basis. The awesome thing about AWS is that you can use it for commercial or personal purposes. To the average person, it can be hard to see how this is at all relevant to helping your business. AWS not only gives you extra storage, but more resources to start and grow your business. Benefits of using AWS for your business: Launching your startup: AWS can help you with the resources you need to grow. Training programs are available to guide you and help your business flourish. Increase your revenue: With AWS, users can track their business insights to see what customers want. Stay on top of your game at all times. Growing your web presence: Are you trying to reach more potential customers? AWS…

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best saas systems for CRM needs

CRM strategy of the corporate firm is engaged to attract potential customers and retain the existing customers. There are no two opinions on about a fact for a company or business that “Customer is King”. Maintaining a strong relationship with the customer can help to achieve a competitive advantage for a business and higher profitability. CRM religiously analyses customers’ information when they visit the website, check the social media page, buying behaviour, and more or less the history of a customer. This information is collected, stored and used to trigger the business demand. What is the need for Saas CRM? There are some of the crucial factors that compel a business to follow a Saas CRM model; CRM is essential to give the idea to a business or company about the revenue and profit statistics.  It helps to make a prediction of the revenue and generate it by the system….

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Companies Internet of Things

Internet of Things Definition Internet of things is the sharing of data collected through the sensor and other physical objects embedded with a specific technology with other entities through a wireless network without any human effort. Use of Internet of Things IoT is changing the way we operate in our daily life as well as our professional life; there are many ways in which IoT is making an impact in our lives; Smart appliances in our daily lives like washing machines, smart locks, intelligent switches, and several others are great Internet of things examples. Smart medical equipment like wheelchairs, oxygen pumps, and others in the healthcare department that helps the healthcare workers daily is also an IoT innovation. IoT has helped the farmers immensely by enabling them to monitor numerous farming components using the Internet of things smart farming technology. Internet of Things Devices The most significant Internet of things…

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3 more great automated marketing and sales technologies that will transform your business


In our previous article we reviewed the three most established automated marketing and sales platforms. Here, we will go a bit farther afield, and review three newer, but still proven transformative technologies which may well be exactly what your business needs: Saleforce Pardot Want to generate more leads and close sales faster? Get the big picture on how your campaign is doing? Then Saleforce Pardot is your tool. How? Intelligent marketing – which is a different way of saying relevant marketing. What this means is that every step on the road to generate, nurture, and transform leads into customers’ needs to be based on relevant communication. The content must match the audience, individual or market segment you are approaching. That’s the only way to increase the proportion of leads that respond to your offers and move up the sales funnel. When Day Publishing Company implemented intelligent marketing in their strategy,…

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3 great automated marketing and sales technologies that will transform your business


So, without further ado, let us consider which marketing automation software might be right for your business. Hubspot You’ve probably already heard about this hot new technology. So, what’s so great about it? The real question is what is there not to love about it? It has a widely recognized, proven, value. It is versatile and flexible in its capabilities, enabling you to generate and nurture leads, and convert more of them into sales. And all this can be done with zero person to person talks with your customers, offering you a literally cost-free tool to boost sales. If this sounds like you fell into the sci-fi channel, you should bear in mind that reputable research institutes have already projected that by 2020 (yes, that’s next year), 85% of customers will make purchases without ever speaking to a human. Moreover, HubSpot comes pre-equipped with the capability to integrate additional marketing…

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