Software as a service: keeping your data safe, keeping your data yours.

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In our previous article we outlined some of the caveats you should consider before you embrace the transformative power of the software as a service business model. Today, we will discuss ways to keep your data safe in spite of storing it with your SaaS vendor – and also preparing contingencies for the possibility that your SaaS vendor goes out of business. Keeping your data safe How to keep your data safe when you entrust it in the hands of an external SaaS provider? This is the conundrum which keeps many companies from fully embracing the SaaS business model. It is impossible to overstate the importance of security, both from a business competitiveness perspective and from the perspective of safeguarding your customer’s privacy. Still, given the ubiquitousness of online banking and online payment systems, it would seem that the security concerns are somewhat hyped up. After all, if we are…

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