Software as a service: technical issues

technical issues

The software as a service model is transforming the way companies, particularly SMBs do business. In our previous article we have reviewed data security and data ownership issues you need to take into account before adopting the SaaS model for your own business, but there are also technical considerations you must take into account. These are detailed below: The bandwidth glass ceiling The number one technical limitation of SaaS is that it relies on broadband and reliable internet connection. You are the best judge of whether your business has the internet connection required to keep your systems running 24-7. That said, no system, including on-site systems, is one hundred percent impervious to downtime. To overcome the particular vulnerability of the SaaS model, some SaaS vendors have integrated “offline” redundancies that enable your employees to keep on working even should the internet collapse. Once the system goes online, the data is…

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