The quick and dirty guide to transformative technologies: 4 Software as a Service applications for immediate implementation

If you read our previous article then you know that the software as a service business model offers many, many benefits to businesses, especially small and medium businesses (SMBs). However, said article did not offer you any specific applications you could implement in your businesses. In this article we will outline five such applications which are already transforming the marketplace. If these applications relate to your company mission or product then you definitely need to consider adapting them into your operations. So without further ado –


This is the application that started it all – the first software as a service application to hit the market. In spite of the years that have passed, it remains one of the most common services used by companies transitioning to the software as service model. What does it do? What doesn’t it do? It provides customer relations management solutions that allow businesses to collect data on all customers, leads and prospects on a unified and online platform, in a way that is accessible to any authorized employees from any networked device, at any time. This is a massive power multiplier for any sales agent or manager. According to Salesforces’ own statistics, use of this program results in an average of 37 percent increase in sales – and also boosts client satisfaction and hence loyalty.

2. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office products have long been the basis of any workplace environment from research laboratories to real estate agencies. However, Microsoft Office 365 is different. It is entirely cloud based and offers users a whole new slew of possibilities. Content can now be shared, created and edited from absolutely any windows compatible device instantaneously, bringing together workers and customers regardless of where they are.

3. Box

Professionals from every field can now work together, regardless of where they are, on this secure, online workplace. No more delays in transferring large graphic files – users can share such files securely, protected with passwords and permissions, with custom URL. Over 120 file types can be shared via Box, and all content can be previewed before being downloaded for increased security and efficiency. All content editing, sharing and discussion is routed through a single file, with notifications being distributed when edits are made. There is no need for the project supervisor to waste time onboarding employees and approving contacts – these tasks are automated.   

4. Google Apps

Google may have started out as a search engine, but it has long since expanded to offer a variety of other functions and services – including productivity boosting tools for the discerning SMB owner. Google Apps you should consider adopting for your SMB include the well-known ubiquitous platform of professional email, shared calendars and video meetings. It also includes the cloud based document storage solution – Google Drive. With Google Drive workers can upload files from any workstation or device, and instantly share them with co-workers, slashing down on endless email chains with multiple versions of the same document.

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