3 great automated marketing and sales technologies that will transform your business

So, without further ado, let us consider which marketing automation software might be right for your business.


You’ve probably already heard about this hot new technology. So, what’s so great about it? The real question is what is there not to love about it? It has a widely recognized, proven, value. It is versatile and flexible in its capabilities, enabling you to generate and nurture leads, and convert more of them into sales. And all this can be done with zero person to person talks with your customers, offering you a literally cost-free tool to boost sales.

If this sounds like you fell into the sci-fi channel, you should bear in mind that reputable research institutes have already projected that by 2020 (yes, that’s next year), 85% of customers will make purchases without ever speaking to a human.

Moreover, HubSpot comes pre-equipped with the capability to integrate additional marketing tools such as blogs, SEOs, social media and email marketing, making it far easier to implement and transition into in your existing system.

Act – On

If you really want to pamper your customers and give them an immersive customer experience that will make them want to come back for more, you need to start at your website homepage.

That means connecting them immediately with your marketing message – visitors won’t spend more than a few seconds on the site if you fail to establish an immediate connection.

A robust automation tool can latch on to these site ditchers before they bail, and plant the seeds for a relationship that can be nurtured until it sprouts into a sale and blooms into a long term loyal customer.

Act-On is that robust tool. In addition to possessing a full selection of social, email marketing and other applications it truly rocks in vertically integrating all of them into a combo that sweeps prospective customers off their feet.

As of now, Act-On is the tool of choice for over 3,000 companies, Xerox included. The reason these companies chose Act-On is that it makes your customers feel like you put them first, which is why it leads in generating superb customer retention and loyalty.


What infusionsoft does is capture leads and transform them into customers. Easier said than done!

How does Infusionsoft do that? Well, what it does is organize all of your contacts and all of the information about them into a single place, integrating over 20 third party applications. Then, it automates email messages to all of these contacts, depending on the parameters you program into the program, and on the data infusionsoft collects about them. Moreover, infusionsoft also organizes and automates billing your customers. It asks customers to refer you to people who might be interested in your services.

How useful is it? Well, just ask TITIN. Once they integrated Infusionsoft into their operations they grew by 400%! You might not grow quite as much, but you will save time, and time is worth money.

Nor is this an unproven new technology – it’s been around for nearly two decades and has nearly 150,000 users worldwide. In fact, it’s generally the first customer relations management (CRM) tool Ready to sign on?

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