3 more great automated marketing and sales technologies that will transform your business

In our previous article we reviewed the three most established automated marketing and sales platforms. Here, we will go a bit farther afield, and review three newer, but still proven transformative technologies which may well be exactly what your business needs:

Saleforce Pardot

Want to generate more leads and close sales faster? Get the big picture on how your campaign is doing? Then Saleforce Pardot is your tool. How? Intelligent marketing – which is a different way of saying relevant marketing.

What this means is that every step on the road to generate, nurture, and transform leads into customers’ needs to be based on relevant communication. The content must match the audience, individual or market segment you are approaching. That’s the only way to increase the proportion of leads that respond to your offers and move up the sales funnel.

When Day Publishing Company implemented intelligent marketing in their strategy, they reaped the rewards: a 12 percent rise in revenues, 290 percent hike in registered users, and an incredible increase in yearly retention rates (30% to 50%).


Generating leads and nurturing them is essential to drive the herds into the sales funnel but to make the kill and close the deal there is simply no substitute for excellent and personalized customer service. You customer won’t enter the corral unless he feels he was treated right every step of the way. Experiture excels at giving them precisely that experience, regardless of whether you cater to online customers or are primarily based in a traditional brick and mortar establishment.

At the end of the day your ideal customer, the customer who is going to keep on coming back for more, isn’t just looking for a helpful product – he is looking for an experience with helpful people. That’s what keeps them loyal. That’s what keeps your brand in their mind, and in a good way.

This stuff matters! 73% of customers say they are more likely to close a sale if they encounter friendly staff and customer-oriented service. If you don’t give them what they want you may as well kiss your money goodbye. How much money? Well, the estimate is that companies yearly lose 41 billion dollars because of suboptimal customer service. The investment required to keep these customers is considerably smaller – but Experiture makes that investment lower and more convenient than ever!

What Experiture does is engage human beings. It provides you with insights about your customers, based on their questions, purchasing habits, and other data, and helps you choose the best offer or content to pitch them.

With Experiture you can go beyond emails to provide personalization on a whole new level, and offer your potential customers relevant user experiences – all with fully integrated time saving automation.

Sales Manago

If your business is a startup then the barrel of the gun pressed against your forehead has the following inscription stenciled into it: Maximize ROI or Die!

So, not to be overly dramatic, every marketing step you take, whether it is lead generation and nurturing or customer service is really all about boosting your ROI. That means getting a good return on your marketing investments and Sales Manago definitely gives you a good bang for your buck.

This may come as a surprise given our focus on inbound marketing oriented software so far, but outbound marketing tactics, and particularly email marketing, retains an important role in a winning marketing strategy.

Sales Manago delivers in this arena. It does more than providing uniform automated messages – its behavioral engine is next generation, providing advanced tracking, heat map and scroll map. Over time you will be able to develop a feel of who visits your website, and what you need to offer them to transform them into loyal, returning customers.

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