The quick and dirty guide to transformative technologies: 3 Software as a Service applications for immediate implementation

Amazon web services

If you read our previous article then we know that you are hyped about the SaaS apps we presented. Perhaps you’ve even begun taking steps to implement them in your own business! However, more lies in store – in this article we will outline three more exciting SaaS apps which are transforming the business landscape: Amazon web services, Concur and Zendesk.   5. Amazon web services It doesn’t come as any great surprise that Jeff Bezos is expanding Amazon into the SaaS business, just as he has integrated SaaS and IoT enabled tools into his own operations, does it? Amazon may have started out as an e-commerce platform but it now provides a variety of cloud based applications on a pay as you go pricing model. At the moment, Amazon Web Services offers over 70 services ranging from analytics, deployment, computing, networking, storage and specific IoT enabled tools. 6. Concur…

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