3 more great automated marketing and sales technologies that will transform your business


In our previous article we reviewed the three most established automated marketing and sales platforms. Here, we will go a bit farther afield, and review three newer, but still proven transformative technologies which may well be exactly what your business needs: Saleforce Pardot Want to generate more leads and close sales faster? Get the big picture on how your campaign is doing? Then Saleforce Pardot is your tool. How? Intelligent marketing – which is a different way of saying relevant marketing. What this means is that every step on the road to generate, nurture, and transform leads into customers’ needs to be based on relevant communication. The content must match the audience, individual or market segment you are approaching. That’s the only way to increase the proportion of leads that respond to your offers and move up the sales funnel. When Day Publishing Company implemented intelligent marketing in their strategy,…

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